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the Tuscany's history
And if we told you that your vintage rental car can become a time machine, would you believe it? Leave for the tour of the Etruscans and immerse yourself in the past of this beautiful land. A tour that will take you between the places of the most real and ancient history of the area, where the Etruscans lived, between Umbria and Tuscany: Sarteano, Chiusi with its lake, Lake Trasimeno and Montepulciano.
In particular, the city of Chiusi, capital of the Etruscan Dodecapoli, is the most excellent example of its ancient civilization. Walking through the historic center, you will immediately realize the glorious past of this town which still retains the imposing walls and the Etruscan urban layout, together with the complex water network, better known as the "labyrinth of Porsenna", named after an Etruscan ruler, which winds its way through tunnels and ends with an underground Roman cistern, located beneath the city's Cathedral. This is an opportunity to climb the top of the bell tower and enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful Val di Chiana. No one can say that they have visited Chiusi until they have seen the Archaeological Museum, the most complete of the ancient Etruscan civilization. In fact, here we can admire many finds from the surrounding areas, which testify to the greatness of this people, such as the collection of bucchero vases and funerary sculptures, together with ceramics of Attic origin and Etruscan imitation. Other noteworthy artifacts are those that testify to the great mastery of this people as goldsmiths, never surpassed by any other civilization.

Tour estrusco

A view of Chiusi. Ph LigaDue - Wikipedia

Around the town there is a unique necropolis which, although subject to theft throughout history, includes the wondrous Tomb of the Lion, with carved ceilings and pictorial decoration, the Tomb of the Pilgrim, of the Sentinate family and the Tomb of the monkey, which still presents some representations of athletic competitions, in honor of the deceased.
We will also show you the villages of Sarteano and Montepulciano, where you could admire other remains of northern Etruria and appreciate other peculiarities of this ancient civilization.
The lakes of Chiusi and Trasimeno connect the great Etruscan Dodecapoli of Cortona, Chiusi and Perugia and are further evidence of finds associated with the cults of water and fertility, and as such the lakes represent open-air sanctuaries .
What are you waiting for? Rent your vintage car and go with us for this tour to discover the archaeological sights of the Val d'Orcia.
The models we suggest are the following: Fiat 500 or Alfa spider for 2 people, beetle cabriolet for 3/4 people or T2 bus until 6.
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