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Fiat 500 hire

It is not easy to be able to describe the fiat 500 in a few lines. Stories, memories, adventures come into play, but also the brilliant ideas of those who thought it up, and its cultural heritage.
Of course, the Fiat 500 today represents an excellent key to be able to enter the world of classic cars. Built in over five million units produced between 1957 and 1975, it was one of the vehicles that contributed most to the motorization of our country.
Even today, many 500 continue to serve in city traffic, regardless of the passing of the years.

A monument of Made in Italy

If we want to be precise, the vintage 500 from the sixties / seventies is just one of the Fiat models that bear this name.
Before her there were the Topolino and the 500 C. Then there was her, the most iconic, the one we all loved, born with the name of Nuova 500.
Then came the squared sixteenth century of the nineties. And today, the model that retraces the paths traveled by this four-wheeled myth.
The new Cinquecento, therefore. And to think that, when he made his appearance, he found it hard to be appreciated.
The result of the work of one of the greatest car designers, the engineer Dante Gicacosa, made his debut in a truly minimal version: no locks, no back seat (in its place only a bench), and not even a frieze or a chrome plating. Very little, for Italy, which was preparing for the well-being of the Sixties, and moreover at a price that was not exactly cheap: almost 500,000 lire. For a worker, who at that time managed to bring home more or less 50,000 lire a month, it was much better to spend a little more and aim for his older sister, the 600.
But the Turin-based company focused heavily on that model, and ran for cover by presenting the Normal version, better equipped but more expensive. In order not to upset anyone, the Economic version was also presented, even more spartan.
This time the public liked it, and production continued until the D sel 1960, the F of 1965, with the doors hinged forward, to satisfy the innovations introduced by the Highway Code. 1968 was the year of the L, embellished with lots of chrome. The swan song was the R series of the seventies, which shared the engine with the model that would have taken up the legacy of the 500: the Fiat 126.
In the meantime, the Giardiniera arrived, a small station wagon ante-litteram, the sports series and the special models, the result of the mastery of the school of Italian coachbuilders of the 1960s.

Renting a classic Fiat 500: our offer

Slowhills, based in Tuscany, in Montepulciano (Siena), has numerous vintage Fiat 500 models available: we make them available to you who want to find your old travel companion for a few days, who want to treat yourself to a weekend special stroll through the villages, flavors and landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria, whether you are looking for a particular vehicle for or are looking for a vintage car to accompany you on your wedding day.
The colors and models we have available are really many: you are spoiled for choice!
Fiat 500 white rental for weddings in Umbria and Tuscany
White Fiat 500 F
Ginger - 1966
classic fiat 500 rent
Yellow Fiat 500 F
Sunflower - 1967
Vintage Fiat 500 rental in the province of Siena
Fiat 500 dark blue
Bond - 1967
Rent Fiat 500 Chianciano Terme (Siena)
Red Fiat 500 L
Red chili - 1972
Fiat 500 1970s rental for tours and weddings in Cortona
Fiat 500 R light blue
Betty - 1974
Gelato cart
ice-cream Fiat 500
the sweet Fiat
Fiat 500 prosecco
Fiat 500 Prosecco
A small 4-wheel bar
Vintage Fiat 500 rental for weddings and tours in Siena and Valdorcia
Fiat 500 F antique ivory
Creamy - 1967
Tourist itineraries in Umbria and Tuscany on vintage cars
Fiat 500 L Red
Scarlett - 1969