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Fiat 500 R turquoise rental

Betty - 1974
Fiat 500 1970s rental for tours and weddings in Cortona

We are in 1972, and the Turin auto show is preparing to present the last chapter of the incredible saga of the fiat 500. The model is called R, which stands for renewed. It replaces the previous L series, giving up on luxurious decorations and finishes, but offering in exchange a more modern and powerful engine, the same 594cc engine that equips the 126.
Externally, the R can be recognized by a series of details: the bumpers are simple, without the "mustache" typical of the L. The wheel rims are in stamped sheet metal, and the new Fiat logo, the one with the letters inscribed in four rhombuses. These features, combined with a simplified interior, will accompany it until the summer of 1975, the last of the examples of this four-wheeled myth left the assembly line of Termini Imerese.
This 500 R that we offer for hire is heavenly, and is perfect for accompanying you on a weekend for two, perhaps even going as far as Cortona, in the province of Arezzo.
But this pastel-colored vintage 500 can very well make a good show of itself on your wedding day: in the images of the photo gallery below you will see it portrayed in the photo shoots of many married couples that we had the honor of accompanying the 'altar! If you are looking for a vintage car for your wedding, or you are a wedding planner ... it is one of our favorite vehicles!

Before renting a vintage 500, a couple of suggestions

- Despite the absence of power steering, the Fiat 500 drove and drives very well: the wheels have a reduced section, the steering wheel is large, so you won't miss it. It is a very maneuverable and surprisingly agile car!
- For those who rent it for weddings, wedding services and photo shoots: we take care of the request for access permits to squares and restricted traffic areas.
- For those who rent it for Fiat 500 tours: we provide maps and itineraries, and the possibility of booking in referenced agritourisms and bed and breakfasts.
- Are you a couple and want to rent a vintage Cinquecento? You will have a great time, inside it is really good for two. But if you are more, perhaps it is better to think of renting another classic car!

How to approach the gearbox

The abrupt engagement and the typical gearshift noise are an integral part of the cinquino's identity. With a little practice, driving it becomes easy and - above all - a lot of fun! But before we start, here are some suggestions for tackling the famous "double" without scratching.
The side-by-side is only needed when downshifting: when, for example, passing from third to second, the engine speed increases. It is necessary to favor the engagement of the lower gear by increasing the engine revolutions with a tap of the accelerator. The sequence is:
a. clutch
b. transmission in neutral
c. clutch release
d. tap of accelerator
e. clutch again (immediately! While the engine is still high revs)
f. engaging the lower gear and releasing the clutch
Doing it is easier than explaining it!

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