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White Fiat 500 F for rent

Ginger - 1966
Fiat 500 white rental for weddings in Umbria and Tuscany

We present our Ginger, a white vintage Fiat 500.
Built in 1966, it belongs to the F series, characterized by front doors "swing", ie with front hinges (the previous Fiat Cinquecento had the doors against the wind).
Obviously, compared to Vespas and Lambrettas, by renting a Fiat 500 you can count on a closed vehicle, which allows you to travel not only in summer: you can organize a real tour, going from Montepulcano to Chianti, to Val d'Orcia. or peeping into Umbria, perhaps along the shores of Lake Trasimeno.
Moreover, the vintage 500s, in addition to being very enjoyable in the colder months, are an excellent means of getting around during the warm seasons, when the deflectors and the hood can be opened.
We can also rent this vintage 500 together with other models for the organization of incentive tours and corporate team building, but in our opinion this vintage 500 gives the best of itself for weddings: its white livery speaks for itself!

A couple of things to let anyone who wants to rent this vintage 500 know

- The Fiat 500 still drives very well: it does not have power steering, but the wheels are small and do not miss them. Furthermore, the small turning circle makes it particularly agile in the narrow streets of the villages of Umbria and Tuscany
- Performance is certainly not that of a sprinter: this vintage car gives its best on back roads. Driving it among the hills with the cypresses of Tuscany, or among the sunflower fields of Umbria ... is a pure pleasure!
- For those who rent it for weddings, wedding services and photo shoots: we take care of the request for access permits.
- For those who rent it for Fiat 500 tours: we provide maps and itineraries, and the possibility of booking in referenced agritourisms and bed and breakfasts.
- Small on the outside, big on the inside! We recommend our 500 for those traveling as a couple. If you are more, perhaps it is better to consider renting another classic car!
- The 500 consumes very little: with two cylinders, a low weight and 499.5 cc of displacement, almost 20 km are covered with one liter. Who said classic cars consume more?
- Set-up: model F, year 1966, white color with red fabric interior ... which, unlike skai, remain cool in summer!

Yes, but ... how do you get the gearshift down?

It only takes a little practice: for decades, the 500 was the training ground for many experienced drivers, who used the gearbox without problems.
The double is necessary on cars with unsynchronized gearbox, such as the Fiat 500: the other car in our vintage car park that has this characteristic is the Mehari, but in the case of Citroen twins it is only the first gear that is not synchronized.
The operation is only needed when downshifting since, for example, passing from third to second, the number of revolutions of the engine increases: since the gearbox gears also rotate together with the engine, you have to "help" them in the engagement by turning the engine a little faster with a flick of the accelerator.
The sequence is:
a. clutch
b. transmission in neutral
c. clutch release
d. tap of accelerator
e. clutch again (immediately! while the engine is still high revs)
f. engagement of the lower gear


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