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Vintage spider rental

Before becoming an automotive term, "spider" meant a type of carriage, light and with large thin wheels.
That same word today identifies a very specific category of cars: sunroof, two seats. A car genre that is disappearing, sacrificed on the altar of modernity, but which boasts a rich tradition and a glorious past, which brings incredible feats and unforgettable films to the minds of fans.
It starts in two, alone, with the roof open, in search of romantic places, traveling without haste, admiring the landscape and breathing in its smells, letting the sun tan the skin.
Are these reasons enough to rent a spider? Here are the models we offer: choose the one you prefer!
Vintage car rental in Montepulciano: red Duetto Spider Alfa Romeo
Red Alfa Romeo Duetto
Directly from the movie "The Graduate"
Triumph Spitfire spider rental for tours in Valdorcia and weddings
Triumph Spitfire spider
A british 70's car
Dark blue Alfa Romeo Duetto spider hire in Montepulciano
Blue Alfa Romeo Duetto
Elegance on four wheels
White Duetto for rent: classic car for weddings in Tuscany and Umbria
White Alfa Romeo Duetto
A dream car for a unique day
Fiat 850 spider sport - Our vintage cars for rent in central Italy
Fiat 850 spider
You, little brat