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Fiat 500 L red for rent

Red chili - 1972
Rent Fiat 500 Chianciano Terme (Siena)

Born in 1968, the L is the most luxurious of the 500.
Presented at the end of the sixties, this model of 500 is the easiest to recognize, even make the less experienced eyes: the tubular whisker on the bumpers, the chromed window frames, the larger speedometer, the more refined interiors, give an even more appearance. more graceful to the small Turin car, which thus faces the seventies after having conquered the most varied social strata of the country.
This L that we propose is in Coral Red color, and is an ideal way to spend a weekend for two, and to visit the territories that surround the thermal baths of Chianciano, in Tuscany.
We can also rent this vintage 500 together with other models for the organization of incentive tours and corporate team building, for photo shoots, short films, films or events!

Before renting a vintage 500, a couple of suggestions

- The Fiat 500 still drives very well: it does not have power steering, but the wheels are small and do not miss them. Furthermore, the small turning circle makes it particularly agile in the narrow streets of Tuscan villages
- visibility is excellent, especially in front and to the sides, and what's more, it is very easy to keep the front under control when maneuvering. Performance is what it used to be, so always keep an eye on the mirrors.
- For those who rent it for weddings, wedding services and photo shoots: we take care of the request for access permits.
- For those who rent it for Fiat 500 tours: we provide maps and itineraries, and the possibility of booking in referenced agritourisms and bed and breakfasts.
- Inside, the vintage Cinquecento welcomes two people well: if you are more, perhaps it is better to think about renting another vintage car!
- The 500 consumes very little: with two cylinders, a low weight and 499.5 cc of displacement, almost 20 km are covered with one liter. Who said classic cars consume more?

How to approach the gearbox

The gear shift down, sudden engagement and the typical noise of the gearbox are part of the DNA of this car, but they do not represent an insurmountable problem: after all, the "Cinquecentos" represented the initiation for millions of motorists who have learned to appreciate it. But beyond all, we give you some suggestions to face the famous "double shift" without scratching.
The side-by-side is only needed when downshifting since, for example, passing from third to second, the number of revolutions of the engine increases: since the gearbox gears also rotate together with the engine, you have to "help" them in the engagement by turning the engine a little faster. The sequence is:
to. clutch
b. transmission in neutral
c. clutch release
d. tap of accelerator
e. clutch again (immediately! While the engine is still high revs)
f. engaging the lower gear and releasing the clutch
Easier done than said!


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