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Bulli - 1974
Volkswagen wedding minibus hire Tuscany - Umbria

One of the most popular vintage vehicles for rental is the Volkswagen T2 minibus, also known as Bulli, Van, Transporter, Giardinetta or more simply identified as "flower child van". Let's retrace its history here and tell something about our T2

Along the streets of the Summer of love

T2 stands for Type 2: it is the second generation of the legendary T1, a tireless work vehicle born in the 1950s on the basis of the glorious Beetle.
We are in 1967. The Beatles climb the hit parade, and a group begins to make its way to sounds never heard before: Pink Floyd. The American dream crumbles in Vietnam, and thousands of kids in California start what is meant to be a revolution of peace and freedom.
In Wolfsburg, at Volkswagen, they are working hard to launch the new T2 van, which would have been the evolution of that T1 that had accompanied that generation of kids.
The result was a decidedly more advanced, bright and comfortable vehicle, thanks to numerous external and internal modifications.
Large windows, more comfortable seats make the VW T2 bus a completely different vehicle. The mechanics enjoyed a series of updates on the engine, which was enhanced: the available displacements were 1300, much used for the Italian market, or 1600 more powerful but thirsty. Compared to the previous T1, the brakes were disc brakes and the suspension was softer.
These improvements made this van as comfortable as a car, soft and reliable. In the Van version it offers space for 9 people; ample space is left for luggage.
Great success was also found by the van, box van or double cab van versions.
The camper version prepared by Westfalia deserves a special interlude, equipped with all the accessories for "living on the road" and the pop-up roof to allow liveability inside. The famous Volkswagen T2 Westaflia keeps the interior furniture practically unchanged from the previous model, but today it is quite rare to find complete and in excellent condition.
In 1973 the Volkswagen minibus underwent a slight restyling, the front arrows moved to a higher position than before, the rear lights had already been subject to modifications and improvements.

Renting a Volkswagen van from the seventies? Today you can!

The Volkswagen minibus that we offer you for rental is part of the T2 generation: registered in 1974, it is the ideal vehicle for a tour in company among the sweetness of the hilly landscapes, among the villages and the flavors of Umbria and Tuscany.
It is also a very popular means for wedding services: for a wedding in a hippie setting we think there is no better way.
In the following photos you can also see him engaged in film shooting and photo shoots: renting a Volkswagen minibus means hiring a star!

What you need to know when driving it for the first time

The Volkswagen van derives from a van, and what immediately amazes, especially for those unfamiliar with these vehicles, is that "where the windshield ends, the nose ends". But this is a great advantage over other historical means.
The space on board, as we said, is a lot, and the visibility is excellent.
The reliability of the Volkswagen boxer is proverbial, however it is necessary to become familiar with the long gear lever and the large, almost horizontal steering wheel.
Performance is certainly not that of a sprinter, it is useless to push hard on the accelerator: to limit consumption it is better to get comfortable and prefer an elastic and relaxed ride.
Bad news? No, we do not believe: to enjoy the Sienese hills, its splendid villages (Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, and the whole Valdorcia) and its flavors, put aside the rush ... and experience Slowhills! The old flower child van will pay off!

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