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Vespa and Lambretta for rent

SLOWHILLS gives you the opportunity to rent historic Vespas or, for those less familiar with gearboxes, a new model Vespa with automatic transmission.
Treat yourself to a day to remember, between the hills of Tuscany and the splendid views of Umbria: helmets, bandanas, backpacks and maps are included with the rental.
You have fun, we'll take care of the rest!

Iconic vintage scooters: a bit of history

The Vespa and Lambretta are "phenomena" that have no equal in the world in the two-wheeled vehicle sector. They are true ambassadors of Italy in the world: their strong identity character, combined with functionality and construction quality "of the past", places them in the Olympus of Made in Italy icons.
Born in 1945, the Piaggio Vespa represents one of the most brilliant engineering intuitions in history; the Lambretta is the fruit of Ferdinando Innocenti's unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit. It went into production in 1948.
Vespa and Lambretta were the symbols of mass motorization and the desire for rebirth of a people, and literally contributed to transporting it from one of the darkest and most tragic periods in history, the Second World War, to the years of the economic boom.
Vintage vespa rental in Tuscany and Umbria, for tours and weddings
Vespa VBB 150
Built in 1961
Vintage Vespa to rent for tours in Umbria or Tuscany
Vespa PX 125
Built in 1981
Lambrettas rent in Tuscany
Lambretta 150 LI
Built in 1963
Lambretta 125 rental in Umbria and Tuscany
Lambretta 125 LI
Built in 1963
Classic Vespa rental in Siena and Perugia
Vespa VNB6
Built in 1964
Vespa 125 automatic rental Montepulciano
Vespa Star 125 automatic
Year of construction: 2006
Vespa 50 Special hire for wedding and Tuscany Vespa Tours
Vespa 50 Special
Built in 1972
Vespa VB1 rental for Vespa Tour in Siena
Vespa VB1
Built in 1957