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Beetle cabriolet rental for weddings and tours in Tuscany and Umbria

Talking about the Beetle does not just mean talking about one of the best-selling cars in the world: it is a phenomenon of custom, and industrial.
Yes, because if you think about it, there have been very few industrial products that have remained unchanged for decades. And among these few products, there is him, the Beetle.
Slowhills, based in Montepulciano, in the province of Siena, offers the rental of various Beetle Cabriolet models: we present them to you, retracing the history of this car

A bit of history

Introduced in 1938, during the Nazi period, the Beetle was "the people's car". The directives, entrusted to the engineer Ferdinand Porsche, spoke of a reliable, robust car, capable of accommodating four people.
After the war, production resumed and it was an unparalleled success all over the world. Established as a car destined for people who did not like labeling, the Beetle went through the whole of the twentieth century; the last one was produced in Mexico in 2003.
Among the models derived from the Beetle it is worth mentioning the Pescaccia, the Volkswagen Bulli (click here to find out which ones we offer for rental) and the Cabriolet models, which came out of production at the end of the 1970s, which we present on this page.
Boxer engines made of magnesium, 4 cylinders, with displacements of 1200, 1300 and 1600 cc, air-cooled, and 4-speed gearbox, all synchronized (so ... no double-win!).
The quality standards offered by the Wolfsburg house in those days were really high, and many of the Volkswagen ones have arrived in excellent condition to the present day.

Why rent a convertible Beetle?

One white, one red, one black and one light blue. We have four different models, in four different colors. We will certainly know how to match the colors you choose for your wedding day: rent it, we will be happy to accompany you. In the photo gallery below you will see our convertible beetles engaged in wedding services and photographic sets
But not only.
Open top, sunglasses, spring weather and secondary roads in lower Tuscany, on the border with Umbria: it is a pleasure to hire it for a ride in our area. Whether for a walk in the Chianti lands, or in Montepulciano, in the medieval villages in the province of Perugia or for a romantic weekend for two at the Terme di San Casciano, Bagni San Filippo or Bagno Vignoni, it is a car that offers emotions and an incredible driving pleasure.

How to drive it

The low weight and rear-wheel drive make it a lot of fun to drive, especially on mountain roads, despite the low power.
There are very few things to know before driving: we are sure that you will already fall in love with it during the test drive.
Road holding is excellent, gearbox maneuverability is excellent.
Particular is the engagement of the reverse gear next to the second, at the bottom left: unusual, but there is the schemino on the dashboard there to help you.
Pay attention only to rear visibility when the top is closed ... but the problem does not arise on beautiful sunny days, when we suggest renting this fantastic vintage car. Seeing is believing!


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