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About us

Slowhills is a dream come true.
My name is Cristian, and for more than 25 years I have been in the world of vintage vehicles such as Vespa, Lambretta and cars in general that I love to restore and get back on the road.
My passion starts from research, which is also the most romantic part: finding vehicles that have been abandoned for years in barns or old garages, learning about the stories of their previous owners or anecdotes told by those who lived them with that car.
If it could speak, every vehicle would have many stories to tell, which are in part the stories of each of us.
The next phase is the restoration, often desperate, which starts with the complete disassembly, the restoration and painting of the body panels, the chrome plating of the finishes, the mechanical overhaul and assembly.
Another key moment is the search for original spare parts: the internet is the simplest way, but I find that the markets are even better, because they gave me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people united by the same thread: the love for vintage.

noleggiare auto d'epoca toscana

Over 10 years ago, I found myself surrounded by my vintage vehicles and I realized that some had stopped for some time because I didn't have time to enjoy them.
That was the moment when I thought I could make them available to anyone wishing to have a different experience and be able to rent them and drive them among some of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy, those of Tuscany and Umbria. What better way is there to give vent to your passion than to share it with others?
This is how the first Fiat 500 tours were born, and today Slowhills is a unique experience.
A combination of what the most beautiful Tuscan and Umbrian hills can offer and the romantic flavor that only scooters and vintage cars can express.
A totally different way of seeing, getting to know, tasting… ..in short, experiencing vintage vehicles such as wasps, Fiat 500s, Maggiolone cabriolet and 1960s minibuses, immersing yourself in unique scenarios in the world.