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Innocenti Lambretta 150 LI hire

Built in 1963
Lambrettas rent in Tuscany

You say Lambretta, and you say a piece of Italian history.
Daughter of a brand that no longer exists today, Innocenti di Lambrate still remains one of the icons of an unrepeatable era, which marked the rebirth from the dismay and destruction of war.
An era of hard work, but also of lightheartedness.

A small traveling masterpiece

She can be carefree.
But it is both sophisticated and well built.
Try to disassemble one you will notice that it is made up of many pieces. Many more than those of its eternal rival, the Vespa, which instead made simplicity the best arrow for its bow.
The driving comfort that the Lambretta can offer is very high. After all, this scooter is the result of the work of an extraordinary couple of aeronautical engineers, Pier Luigi Torre and Cesare Pallavicino, who dealt with mechanics and chassis respectively.
The Lambretta went out of production in 1971. This model that we offer for rental is dated 1963, and has a cylinder capacity of 150cc.

A couple of things to know before renting this vintage Lambretta

- The engine of the Lambretta 150 LI is fueled by mixture. To avoid problems, we deliver it to you with a full tank and we will take care of the refueling when it is returned: we just want you to enjoy it!
- The performance is that of a scooter of the sixties ... apart from the two wheels there is nothing in common with modern scooters. But it is the ideal means for an excursion in the Trasimeno area, perhaps in spring, to breathe its smells and atmospheres ... deeply!
- Vintage Lambrettas and Vespas have manual transmission: we require a minimum of experience in its use to those who wish to rent them.
- Helmet, maps and travel kit? No problem, we will supply them to you!
- Two can travel on this vintage Lambretta.

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