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Piaggio Vespa VBB 150 hire

Built in 1961
Vintage vespa rental in Tuscany and Umbria, for tours and weddings

Built in 1961, this Vespa model was created to succeed the VBA, from which it inherited the engine, which had already been the subject of important better techniques in the past.
Although with some modifications, this engine is still in production: it is used on the Vespa 125 and 150 PX of Piaggio.
Unlike the previous models of the 1950s, the Vespa VBB 150 gearbox benefits from the introduction of fourth gear.

A couple of things to know before renting this vintage Vespa

- The Vespa VBB1 engine runs on mixture. To avoid problems, we deliver it to you with a full tank and we take care of the refueling on delivery: we just want you to enjoy it!
- The performance is that of a scooter of the sixties ... apart from the two wheels there is nothing in common with modern scooters. But it is the ideal way for a Vespa Tour in the Sienese landscapes, from the Crete to Asciano, passing through Montepulciano.
- Vintage Vespas have manual transmission: we require a little experience in its use to those who want to rent them.
- Helmet, maps and travel kit? We supply them to you!
- Two can travel on this vintage Vespa.

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