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relax in the nature
This area is partly volcanic which has shaped the landscape and left for us the best way to relax ... the spa! Enjoyed since ancient times, the Etruscans of Chiusi and later the Romans knew how to exploit and enjoy this gift of nature.
The Etruscans considered these springs sacred and used them as sanctuaries in which to heal the body and the spirit.
Don't miss this opportunity to find your physical, spiritual and mental balance in a natural landscape of rare beauty, which combines beauty treatments with holistic cures.
Rent one of our vintage rental cars and unplug the stress of everyday life: the watchword here is Relax!
There are various possibilities, San Casciano dei Bagni, Bagni San Filippo and the Balena Bianca and Bagno Vignoni are certainly the most important and famous. All offer the possibility of swimming freely in nature or taking advantage of real spas with wellness centers.
Bagno Vignoni is a delightful medieval village famous for its "Piazza delle Sorgenti", a large thermal pool whose therapeutic waters have been flowing for over 2000 years, from a depth of 1000 m to a temperature of around 52°C and which flow into the center of the town, enveloping the entire historic center with steam. Even in medieval times the Bagno Vignoni center was famous throughout Europe and was chosen by many famous people to treat themselves, among whom Lorenzo de 'Medici and Saint Catherine of Siena deserve to be mentioned.
Let's now drive to the hamlet of Castiglione d’Orcia, Bagni di San Filippo, to stop at the free spas, secretly hidden within the green woods on the slopes of Mount Amiata. Venture to the most beautiful and scenic point of these spas, the White Whale, an ancient limestone formation, from which hot thermal waters flow at around 48°C, which will allow you to bathe at any time of the year. You can also immerse yourself in one of the many natural thermal pools, on whose backdrops there are the therapeutic thermal muds, which can be used to soothe and purify the face and body.
If all this fascinates you, choose to be scarrozzato in the relaxation and wellness tours with a vintage car from us and make this sensory experience even more magical ... ah, and don't forget your swimsuit!


vintage Fiat 500
white Fiat 500 F
Ginger - 1966
Fiat 500 tour
Fiat 500 R light blue
Betty - 1974
classic fiat 500 rent
Fiat 500 dark blue
Bond - 1967
classic fiat 500 rent
yellow Fiat 500 F
sunflower - 1967
vintage Fiat 500
Red Fiat 500 L
red chili - 1972
Fiat 500 cream
Fiat 500 cream
fiat 500 cream

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