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Lambretta 125 LI hire

Built in 1963
Lambretta 125 rental in Umbria and Tuscany

Pontedera and Lambrate. Piaggio and Innocenti.
Vespa and Lambretta, eternal rivals, with the opposite spirit.
The first is simple but elegant, the second agile and sophisticated.
If in the Sixties these scooters represented different schools of thought, today they allow us to travel back in time, up to that historical period. And we at Slowhills have decided to keep them both under the same roof, available to those who want to rent them for a tour in Tuscany and Umbria.
This specimen belongs to the second series of the "Lambretta LI", presented in 1959 and offered in the 150 and 125 cc displacements.
At the time, this model was one of the architects of a small revolution: it was one of the cornerstones of the transition from the open body versions of the 1950s to those with closed bodywork.

Well built

The Lambretta designers were two aeronautical engineers, Pier Luigi Torre and Cesare Pallavicino. Trying this scooter on the road, you immediately realize that they left nothing to chance: even today, the Lambretta amazes for the quietness of the engine, for its stability, and for the excellent distribution of the masses, which instill a great sense of passenger safety.
I want to rent this vintage Lambretta for a tour around Siena. What is there to know first?
- The Lambretta 125 LI is fueled by mixture. We deliver it to you with a full tank and we will take care of the refueling at the time of delivery!
- Performance is modest, much lower than that of modern scooters, which are much more suited to bad roads and chaotic city traffic. But it is the ideal way for a trip out of town, to breathe the scents and glimpses that only our territory can offer! Or ... to make a good impression on your wedding day: a very original way to reach the altar!
- Vintage Lambrettas and Vespas have manual transmission: we require a minimum of experience in its use to those who wish to rent them.
- Helmet, maps and travel kit? No problem, we will supply them to you!
- Two can travel on this vintage Lambretta ... however, bear in mind that acceleration and recovery will suffer!

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