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Piaggio Vespa VNB6T hire

Built in 1964
Classic Vespa rental in Siena and Perugia

Going on a Vespa Tour means choosing a way of traveling in which arriving at your destination early counts for little: what matters is the journey itself, the passing of kilometers slowly, giving yourself time to appreciate the dreamy glimpses of that magical land on horseback. between Umbria and Tuscany.

A small two-wheeled car

In the 1950s, a Piaggio "advertisement" announced the Vespa. And in the Sixties it was just like that: the car was not yet for everyone, in old films scenes of entire families moving around on their Vespa are very common.
The contribution of the Vespa to the "economic miracle" was truly remarkable: there are very few objects in common use that have been able to embody a personality like that of the Vespa.
The Vespa is part of the permanent exhibition of the Design Museum of the Milan Triennale. Another example makes a fine show of itself at the MoMA in New York

The history of this model

Built from 1959 until the mid-1960s, the Vespa VNB series is still part of the "old style" (or Vintage, as we say now) Vespa families.
Equipped with a 125cc engine, compared to previous models it has enjoyed a series of better techniques that allowed the use of a leaner blend for its power supply, with numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, flexibility of use, consumption and emissions. (even if at that time he was not aware of it yet).

A couple of things to know before renting a vintage Vespa

- Problems with the mixture? No thanks! We take care of refueling your Vespa. We deliver it to you with a full tank of mixture and fill the tank again upon delivery. We just want you to enjoy it, appreciating the beauties of Umbria and Tuscany, tasting its flavors and aromas!
- In case of undulations and roughness of the road surface, slow down: if you face them at high speed it is difficult to maintain control.
- Also this vespa, like all other vintage Vespas, has a manual gearbox: we require a little experience in its use to those who want to rent them.
- Helmet, maps and travel kit? Don't worry, we will supply them to you!
- Two can travel on this vintage Vespa: don't expect burning accelerations, but it is a fantastic way to enjoy a weekend as a couple, to be spent in a different way!
- Have you thought about renting a Vespa for your wedding day? It is certainly a very original way to get to the altar! Contact us to find out more

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