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Cream White Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider hire

A dream car for a unique day
White Duetto for rent: classic car for weddings in Tuscany and Umbria

We now present to you a very special classic car. It is one of the most sought after and requested among the cars we offer for rental.
Produced for almost thirty years, it is today one of the Alfa Romeo models most appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts.
Yes, it's her: the legendary Duetto Spider. Let's get to know it together!

Timeless icon of elegance and style

Produced from 1966 to 1994, the Duetto represents the longest-lived model produced by the Arese house. It has long been an icon of sportiness, elegance, Italian style.
To retrace its history we must go back to 1962. We are in the years of the "dolce vita", the Giulietta of the 50s is now outdated, and Alfa Romeo presents the Giulia. It is a resounding success, on the wave of which work begins on a new spider that shares its mechanics.
The design is entrusted directly to Battista Pininfarina, and was his latest creation: the designer disappeared only two weeks after the official presentation of the first series, which went down in history as "Duetto Osso di Seppia".
The success was truly impressive, dictated, among other things, by a primordial "influencer" campaign, which saw the new Alfa Romeo Spider portrayed alongside important characters, actors and personalities from the fashion world. Success also came overseas: it was a red Alfa Romeo Spider the car in which a very young Dustin Hoffman darted in the film "The Graduate".

How to drive it?

Perhaps the more precise question is "what does it feel like to drive a car like this". It means traveling through time, and returning to live and savor the sensations of an era that no longer exists, and that many of us have not even lived. An era in which Italy was a master of motoring.
Of course, comparisons with modern cars don't make much sense: there is no air conditioning; the steering wheel, although precise, is not equipped with a servo control and requires corrections when driving, the trim is a bit uncomfortable for those who are tall. But the sound of the Alfa Romeo twin cam has something musical, we are convinced that it would attract the curiosity even of those who are not fond of vintage cars. Its promptness, and the safety of braking, make it truly enjoyable even today.
Regarding the driving position, we said that if you are very tall, driving this car can reveal some difficulties: in this case we recommend that you think of the Duetto of the most recent series present in our team, which offers modern car adjustments.

White Cream Alfa Spider Duetto: a wedding car

Of all the classic cars we offer for rental, the cream white Alfa Duetto Spider is definitely the queen of weddings and photo shoots.
Available with driver on request, it is the ideal vintage car to get to the altar for the fateful yes. Discover it in our photo gallery!

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