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Fiat 850 spider

You, little brat
Fiat 850 spider sport - Our vintage cars for rent in central Italy

Another small vintage spider is added to our garage.
Designed and marketed between 1965 and 1973, the Fiat 850 sport Spider is a vintage car that is still very fun to drive today. This is why we have looked for an example, in black, waiting for you in our garage: it is available to those who want a vintage car for hire. Make yourself comfortable and open the top: we will tell you a bit of the history of this little car!

Along the roads of the Sixties

In Italy, the Sixties have gone down in history as those of the economic boom, redemption and reconstruction after the terrible periods of the war.
In terms of cars, in the immediate post-war period the Italian market offered very few alternatives, especially for the most popular models. The first model was the Fiat 600 of 1955, the 500 arrived two years later. The various 2CV, Beetle, Prinz and Mini paid the price of customs duties, which made them uncompetitive.
But Italy, as we know, is the land of creativity. The most popular models of the Fiat house served as a test bed for ranks of body builders, ready to invent that touch of exclusivity, which made our grandparents dream so much in those years.
It was on the impulse of this fervor that, in 1965, the Fiat 850 spider was presented. Born from an idea of ​​Nuccio Bertone, this small convertible was presented together with the coupé version of the Fiat 850. For a year already, the sedan version had begun to travel the streets of Italy (and beyond), making itself appreciated for its qualities of habitability and for that sprint and that extra safety that the smaller 500 and 600 lacked.
The 850 spider was a small custom-built vehicle: it cost about one million and one hundred thousand lire, and was ideal for making a good impression without getting to the 124 spider or the Alfa Romeo Duetto. It was however a step ahead of the Bianchina Cabriolet.
Our 850 spider is part of the second series of this model: presented in March 1968, it is characterized by the front with vertical and non-faired headlights, by the bumpers with rubber beams and by small changes in the rear.
But the difference was made by the engine: the displacement was increased from 849cc of the normal sedan to 903. With 5 more horsepower, the car became even more responsive and fun to drive. This same engine was the same one that equipped the 850 special, the 127 and that came up to the early 90s, under the hood of the Fiat Uno.

Driving impressions

Getting behind the wheel of the 850 spider, we immediately find ourselves gathered in a small but comfortable space: it will certainly be necessary to familiarize yourself with the pedal board, of reduced dimensions; the seats, on the other hand, are very enveloping, even if a little stiff. It is a very low car, it travels practically at street level!
A sporty but very fun driving position: the good aerodynamics and the low weight allow noteworthy performance, the short wheelbase compensates for the oversteer effect typical of rear-wheel drive.
The unmistakable noise of the rear engine is always very present: normal, when you are driving a car designed for those who love to have fun behind the wheel!

For what occasion to rent an 850 spider?

Usually, our black 850 spider is one of the first choices for those who organize incentives, and for tours between Umbria and Tuscany, strictly in pairs: it does not fear climbs and is perfectly at ease along climbs, hairpin bends and slight plateaus.
Surely, like all spiders, it is a vehicle that gives its best in spring and summer: down the hood, sunglasses, hat ... and off you go!

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