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Triumph Spitfire spider hire

A british 70's car
Triumph Spitfire spider rental for tours in Valdorcia and weddings

This small spider, produced from 1962 to 1980 in five series for a total of over 275,000 units, was by far the best-selling English spider model in Italy.
The collection of vintage cars that Slowhills offers for rental could not be missing: there are two examples, both of the latest series, one English green and one red.
Let's retrace the history of this lucky car, highlighting its main features.

British charme

Although the homegrown spiders are very elegant (think of the Giulietta and Aurelia), extremely reliable and comfortable, in the common imagination the spider is English. The models from across the Channel have made a name for themselves for many years, establishing themselves in the common imagination as "snobbish" cars. Today, British spiders are highly regarded and sought after by collectors.
Designed by the Italian Michelotti, the first Spitfire was born in 1962. It is curious that the name of this model, which literally means "spit fire", is the same as the British fighters of the Second World War. But surely the Triumph marketing department will not have escaped that in the overseas "slang", "spitfire" means charming and brilliant girl.
The series follow one another (MK II - 1965, MK III - 1967, MK IV - 1970, MK V - 1975) until the exit from the scene, which took place in 1980

To whom we recommend renting it

With its rear-wheel drive and rigid stance, it is a very fun car to drive. Given that there are only two places, we recommend the rental for those who want to treat themselves to a tour in our part, between Umbria and Tuscany, and want to venture into the province of Siena, perhaps visiting Montepulciano, Pienza, San Quirico, Bagno Vignoni and the other villages of the Val d'Orcia.
We also advise you to consider it if you are looking for a vintage car to rent for a wedding during the spring or summer: come and see it and try it, we are sure it will thrill you!

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