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Red Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider for rent

Directly from the movie "The Graduate"
Vintage car rental in Montepulciano: red Duetto Spider Alfa Romeo

A true Italian myth, made famous all over the world by the movie "The Graduate", starring Dustin Hoffman. Among the vintage cars that Slowhills offers for rental, the Duetto Spider is characterized by its line and the pleasure it offers to drive.
Let's try to retrace the history of this spider, and summarize its main features.

A classic of yesteryear, in step with time

The Alfa Spider was designed by Pininfarina in the 1960s: the first version derived from the famous "Giulietta" and was called "cuttlefish bone" due to the shape of the tail.
Since then, this car has evolved stylistically without abandoning its distinct, typically Italian personality.
If the exterior has always remained true to itself until the early nineties, there has been an important evolution in the interior, which in the latest versions are really well cared for.
Inside, the space is ideal for two people: the steering wheel is large and the gear lever is almost horizontal, like on the old "Giulia".
The Alfa Romeo Duetto spider that we offer for rental belong to the third series (the red), presented in 1983, and to the fourth and last series (the black), marketed between 1989 and 1994.

The pleasure of driving with your hair in the wind

Driving, the "vintage" setting is felt, even if the remarkable work of the Alfa Romeo designers in trying to guarantee a good level of comfort and a more "docile" road behavior is evident.
The engine is the Alfa Romeo "twin cam", which in the world of car enthusiasts is considered a kind of oracle for its sporting skills. In the fourth series, the power supply is no longer carburetor but electronic injection. However, the traction remains rear which, combined with the rear suspension with rigid bridge suspension, makes driving on the hairpin bends and on the hilly roads of our beloved Tuscany a lot of fun.
Road holding and braking are always safe

Why renting a red Alfa Spider Duetto?

Surely, renting this vintage car to accompany you on your wedding day is a great choice, especially if the big day happens in the spring or summer months: down the hood and go!
But certainly, as we said before, this car gives its best when it is free to go on the road. After all, it is an Alfa Romeo.
We recommend it to tourists wishing to visit the villages of the province of Siena, such as Cetona, Chiusi, Chianciano Terme, going as far as Città della Pieve and the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Trasimeno, in the province of Perugia.

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