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Sahara - 1979
Do you want to rent a Citroen Mehari for a wedding or a weekend in Tuscany?

Robust, fast and low in consumption. Well, it's not really the characteristics of this car ... but of the animal from which it takes its name: the Mehara, a racing dromedary much appreciated in North Africa, used by desert men for travel.
In Citroen, in the mid-sixties, they revisited some of these characteristics on the model of car they were planning starting from the base of the 2 horsepower, for which the name was there.
The bodywork, too: it was in ABS plastic. The result was a curious, cheerful weird vehicle ... and typically Citroen.
Could it be missing, among the vintage cars that we offer for rental for tours in Tuscany and weddings? Absolutely not, also because the Mehari is so nice that we are asked very often.
Get on board: we will tell you about Sahara, the beige Mehari that you can rent from Slowhills

The thousand lives of the 2cv

Presented in 1968, the Citroen Mehari represents one of the thousand reincarnations of the Due Cavalli: on its chassis, suitably modified, an ABS plastic body was mounted. The essentiality, if possible, was even more marked than the 2 Cavalli: the rear seat, the doors, the soft top and the side pillars could be removed.
The Mehari was however designed to be a car for the summer: in addition to being able to completely remove the roof, the plastic body did not know the pitfalls of corrosion, typical of seaside resorts, where this very nice car is still a very familiar presence.
The Mehari went out of production in 1987, after almost twenty years of production and almost 150 thousand units produced

Renting a Mehari today: how do you drive it?

Driving a Mehari is a lot of fun, especially in the summer. The small 602cc twin does not offer great performance, the driving position is very compact, but these are just details, because this car knows how to be loved immediately.
A special mention for the four-speed gearbox, with the first unsynchronized and "umbrella" control: before leaving you need to do some practice and a few test laps. Bear in mind that, although unusual, it is a masterpiece of ergonomics: to change gears it is not necessary to move away from the backrest, everything is within reach!

If you wish to hire a Mehari, you can contact Slowhills. Of course, it is not a car that can travel great distances, so you can contact us if you are close to our headquarters in Montepulciano, in the province of Siena. In any case, slowly, he will be able to accompany you to get to know the villages of our region and those of nearby Umbria.
As we said at the beginning, the Mehari is often requested of us for wedding services, and the choice is understandable: it is a truly original means, which will make your wedding day even more unforgettable, and which will make beautiful memories among the guests at the ceremony.


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