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Citroen DS Pallas for rent

Goddess - 1972
Classicc Citroen Goddess Pallas rental for weddings and tours in Umbria and Tuscany

The Goddess. Few cars have entered popular culture with a nickname ... but here we are talking about a unique classic car. No other vehicle has been able to match its characteristics of comfort, elegance, combined with avant-garde technique and an inimitable design. After all ... DS in France we read Deésse, and it means Goddess.

Presented at the 1955 Motor Show to replace the Traction Avant, the Citroen DS marked a revolutionary step in the history of motoring. Its design and technological solutions were decades ahead of the competition, the impression was that from then on all cars would be like this. But no other succeeded.
Let's go more specifically, and tell us something more about the Citroen DS that you can rent in Tuscany and Umbria from Slowhills

A four-wheeled miracle ...

... but also able to move with one less wheel! Thanks to the characteristics of the legendary Citroen hydropneumatic suspension, which are able to keep the car in balance even if one of the rear wheels is removed!
Obviously, that of the less wheel is an extreme experiment: the hydro-pneumatic suspension has the characteristic of keeping the car always at the same height, regardless of the load: in the seventies it was quite common to see the Citroen DS loaded with people and with a caravan in tow. , and unlike other cars, even in these conditions it did not travel close to the ground.
The hydraulic system of the Citroen DS works almost like the circulatory system of a living being: a pump circulates the hydraulic fluid, which reaches the various parts of the car: suspension, power steering, semi-automatic gearbox, and braking system. In this way, the car actively responds to rough terrain and load conditions: when it is heavier, braking is more powerful. Not bad, for a medium that has nothing electronic at all!
But it doesn't need it: the principles of physics and hydraulics take care of it very well on the road!

An inimitable style

The DS is still a high-class flagship today. You can rent it for your wedding, or to give yourself unforgettable days for a tour between Umbria and Tuscany: the heads that will turn, seeing it pass, will be many!
Yes, because what still strikes today is its design. And let's say design in its most primordial and artistic meaning: not only beautiful, but also useful.
The DS line is the work of an Italian, Flaminio Bertoni, who in addition to being a designer was also a sculptor: the shapes of the DS are inspired by those of a fish. And just as a fish is able to move with agility in a fluid, the DS is also able to "flow" in the air without putting up too much resistance.
With the restyling of 1967 the front of the DS changed its appearance: the headlights became four, housed in a fairing. The high beams were even steered!
By the way ... many believe that the "Citroen Pallas" is the model with four headlights. But that's not quite the case: Pallas is the most luxurious version of the DS. There are also beautiful DS Pallas of the older series, known as "single beacon". What we offer for rent is a Citroen DS 21 Pallas from the 70s.

Rent a DS: let's get behind the wheel

The DS is a car that requires special driving, but after a few kilometers you are immediately at ease. If you want to rent the Citroen DS for weddings, wedding services, film shoots or for a tour between Umbria and Tuscany, we will take you on a test drive to let you taste the characteristics of this car.
- Open the door, and sit down. You will be surprised by the softness of the seats, they are armchairs. On the back seats it is even more comfortable: the brides will be at ease!
- Start the engine and wait a moment: you will feel that the DS will rise! First behind, and then forward. It is the hydraulic system that begins to work when the engine is running. It is important to know that the car can be adjusted in height using a lever found to the left of the pedal.
The lowest position completely discharges the hydraulic system, it is only used to replace tires and to carry out repairs on the hydraulics.
Going up, there is the driving position, which must never be touched (the fact of being able to lower it a little when going on the motorway is an urban legend!).
Finally, there are the two positions of maximum height, which can be used in case you need to place the jack to replace a wheel, or in case there is an obstacle to overcome. In this case you have to drive at very low speed, because the car becomes completely rigid.
- The pillars of the DS are thin, so visibility is excellent in all directions. You just have to get familiar with the dimensions of the front and with the tail. Characteristic is the rear-view mirror, positioned on the dashboard
- The gearbox is at the wheel: in the semi-automatic version, the Citroen DS does not have a clutch pedal: to change gear, simply operate the lever, pressing the control automatically activates the hydraulic clutch mechanism. Surprising, right?

- A special consideration is for the brake control. Instead of the traditional pedal there is a button, which we fans of this incredible vintage car call "mushroom". The brake control has almost zero travel: the intensity of braking depends on the force exerted on the brake control. The first few times you always brake sharply, and you are surprised by the power of the braking system!
- In addition to weddings, the DS gives its best along the provincial roads: let the Goddess accompany you among the landscapes of the province of Siena, among the colors of the Valdorcia, the villages on the shores of Lake Trasimeno or the cypresses of the roads that lead in Montepulciano, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, Montalcino ... it will be an unforgettable experience!


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