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Slowhills offers you numerous models of vintage cars for hire, for every occasion: weddings, incentive tours, sightseeing tours in Tuscany or Umbria, or even for the reproduction of sixties or seventies settings for films, short films, music clips or photographic services.
By consulting the list of our vintage vehicles, you will also find various models of Vespa Piaggio for hire, various spiders and the legendary Volkswagen hippie van!
Our task is to make you have fun like never before: getting you on one of our vehicles means making you fully enjoy all that Tuscany and Umbria offer. A magnificent journey through landscapes, medieval villages, culture and food and wine.
All this lived in the most romantic way there can be, that is, on a historic car.
And for the most special occasions, such as weddings, parties and events ... there are special services: the vintage car rental services "on the road" are flanked by the 500 prosecco rental and the 500 ice cream rental (the sweet Fiat). These are two Fiat 500s set up as a showcase, from which the queen of small cars takes the role of the ice cream parlor and the bar, and becomes an itinerant refreshment point, to amaze your guests.
Living a black and white dream with the speed and flavors of yesteryear ... this is Slowhills!