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Alfa Romeo GT Junior hire

Italian design
Alfa Romeo GT Junior rental in Siena

Directly derived from the Giulia, this Alfa Romeo coupe represented a dream for many young people in the 1960s. It was no coincidence that it was called GT Junior.
At Slowhills this dream can become reality for one day: among our vintage cars, we offer for rent this metallic gray Alfa Romeo Gt Junior 1300.

Icon of style and mechanics

The Alfa GT Junior line bears the signature of Giorgetto Giugiaro who in 1963, the debut year of this model, worked at the Bertone body shop.
The task, which was not an easy one, was to replace the Giulietta Sprint. But the times were ripe and we had a solid starting point: it would have been that of the Giulia TI sedan.
The result was an excellently proportioned coupe that could comfortably accommodate four passengers.
There were several engines under the hood of the GT Junior: from 1300/1600 of the Giulia, to 1750, up to 2000, which marked the swan song of this incredible car. The last model went out of production in 1976

Renting the Alfa GT Junior

The Giulia GT Junior is an extremely elegant vintage car. We offer it for wedding rental near our headquarters, which is located in Montepulciano, in the province of Siena.
Contact us, and come and see this and all the other classic cars we offer for rental up close!

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