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Blue Alfa Romeo Duetto for rent

Elegance on four wheels
Dark blue Alfa Romeo Duetto spider hire in Montepulciano

An icon of Italy in the 1960s. Directly from the seafront of the Romagna Riviera, its excellence the Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider. Or more simply, the Alfa Romeo Duetto.
We tell the story of this fantastic car, summarizing its main features.

An exercise in style on four wheels

The Giulia Spider was designed by Pininfarina and has been on the market since 1966: the first version derived from the famous "Giulietta" and was called "cuttlefish bone" due to the shape of the tail. The mechanics derive directly from that of the Giulia sedan, obviously with rear-wheel drive.
After the first series, aerodynamic research has determined a stylistic evolution that has allowed it to remain on the crest of the wave for almost thirty years, until the fourth series left the scene in 1994. There were very few cars to have enjoyed such a long productive life.
This model belongs to the second series, produced between 1969 and 1982, called "truncated tail" due to the shape of the rear.
In the gallery there is a photo of another Alfa Duetto spider of our team: it is black and belongs to the fourth series, produced between 1989 and 1994.

Pure driving pleasure 

Get behind the wheel and start the engine. If you appreciate vintage cars, the noise of the Alfa Romeo twin cam has almost something musical.
However, it must be said that the engine that equips our blue Duetto is the smallest of those that have alternated under its bonnet: its 1300 cc of displacement do not, however, make it disfigure in today's traffic, and make it driving this car on the false plateaus and hills adorned with cypresses of our Tuscany is very pleasant.
The traction, as we said, is rear; the gearbox has five ratios. And the places are strictly two!
The steering wheel is very thin, according to the canons of the time, and the curved and almost horizontal gear lever can create some disappointment at the beginning. But after a few kilometers the initial peculiarities become a memory.
If you are very tall, driving this car can reveal some difficulties: in this case we advise you to think about the duet of the most recent series present in our garage.

Why rent a blue Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto?

We recommend hiring this Alfa Duetto Spider to visit the villages of the province of Siena, such as Cetona, Chiusi, Chianciano Terme, going as far as Città della Pieve and the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Trasimeno, in the province of Perugia.
The ideal season to rent it is certainly summer.
Although blue is a very elegant color, if you are looking for an Alfa Duetto spider as wedding car in Italy, we suggest you visit the page dedicated to our white Duetto.

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